Shopping Local Builds Community

By Stacy Cornay for the Times-Call
Publish Date: 09/29/2013

We are one.

That's been proven many times over as we struggle to play the hand that Mother Nature has dealt.

Community spirit, pride and caring sparked Chicago settlers to head west and plant roots deep in Colorado soil. That spirit, that pride and that caring still binds us all together. While flood waters were still rising, Longmont residents were reaching out to each other, helping in any way they could to ease the sorrow and suffering.

Normally I use this column to discuss marketing, communication or public relations topics, to offer thoughts and actions that may assist businesses and expand our economic horizons. Today I'm targeting all who live and work in the special place we all call home.

We've been through a lot. Together, we're now working through complex issues, the likes of which we've never before faced. The magnitude of the challenges is massive. Rebuilding will take all the energy, planning and optimism we can muster.

It also will take a great deal of money.

The best way we can generate money is to keep Longmont businesses in business. Every dollar spent locally is another brick in rebuilding. It sometimes may not be easy to find specific products or services, but usually there's a Longmont business or professional who can come up with whatever you want. Please, check out Longmont first. Every time you do, you strengthen our community.

Shopping locally boosts the local economy. Dollars spent with Longmont businesses stay in our community. They build our economy, make it stronger and enhance the quality of life we all hold dear.

Local shopping creates jobs. Small, local businesses are the largest employers not only nationally, but right here where we live. When we support our local shops and services, we are supporting ourselves. We are creating jobs for our friends and families.

Community civic, social and charitable groups rely upon local businesses for expertise, resources and on-going support. When you patronize local businesses, you are ensuring that community groups making positive differences can continue in their missions.

Finally, buying at home really isn't buying. It's investing in Longmont. When we support local businesses and professional groups, we're supporting the future of our community. When we shop locally, we're betting on ourselves.

The Chicago Colony was pursuing a dream when they settled on Longmont. Their dream endures in our plans and actions. Their dream endures in how we are coming together as a community to overcome adversity. Their dream is the foundation on which we are renewing and reclaiming all that has been lost.

The flood damages are huge. Employers, employees, buildings, homes, landscapes, all of us have been impacted. Like the St. Vrain river, the channels of our lives have been changed. Yet, I stand in awe of the strength and resilience of our community. Businesses, professionals and the general public – we're all in this together, and we have a lot of rebuilding to do. Mutual support is a good starting point.

There's no “them” or “us” in our community. There's just “we”.

Stacy Cornay is the owner of Communication Concepts Public Relations & Advertising. 
Visit or call 303-651-6612.