Take Needy Plant Approach to Marketing

By Stacy Cornay for the Times-Call
Publish Date: 05/25/2014

I can hear them.

They're getting louder each day. As the days get longer and warmer, the plants in my garden are awakening. They're crying out for attention.

Many people I know get excited this time of year by the prospects of digging in the dirt and making things grow. I, on the other hand, regard my plants as needy vegetation. Plants always want something and they're never satisfied with what I give them. Still, I keep trying to respond to their needs. I do what I can with my limited interest. Plants need care to look good, and I do like to see them thriving. To that end, I'll again be consulting with the experts who help me each year. I value their customized advice. They understand my talents (or lack thereof), my motivation, my budget and my time available. I located my experts through referrals. I go back to them because of their past work and their understanding of my needs.

There are similarities when it comes to finding marketing assistance. Savvy people know that strategic marketing is at the core of business success.

Yet some business just aren't passionate about it. They view marketing as “another chore”. Taking a clue from those needy plants pestering me can turn “another chore” into a profitable passion.

Marketing is flooded with people who self-define their expertise. They may lack the experience, education or ability to deliver what you need. Broad-brush approaches may not focus on your specific needs. Review prior work and check references before hiring marketing gardeners to nurture your roots.

With the advent of social media and search engine optimization techniques a lot of people jumped in as self-proclaimed experts. Some are. Some are not. Businesses making the wrong choices waste money on

promises not kept and processes not delivered. There are really great experts out there. It's worth the time to find them.

Every marketing firm or consultant has a unique personality. So, too, do your business and you. Finding the best fit of personalities is critical of marketing outcomes. If you choose to work with someone who doesn't understand your business, or wants to make your business fit into their mold, you will experience problems.

Again, be a needy plant. Cry out for attention to your unique needs and goals. Learn more about the firm or individual you are considering. What is their reputation? What kind of work is their focus? What is their network? Do they have an appreciation for the goods or services you offer? What do current and prior clients have to say about their ability to get things done? Are they credible?

Steer clear of hard sells. Don't be rushed into making decisions that could come back to bite you. If you get a cold call or flyer offering a marketing package that is all ready to go without you even

having to review it, have second thoughts. They also may offering the same cookie-cutter package to your competitors.

Marketing isn't a chore. It's as essential to your business as water, pruning, and fertilizer are to those needy plants in the backyard. There are a lot of people who have the expertise and passion to help you make things grow.

Right now it's hard to walk through my yard. All of the plants are whining, complaining, and looking needy. Maybe I'll work on it a bit today. I'll start by planning what I want to accomplish, then I'll reach out to my experts.

They know how to turn needy plants into flowering delights.

Stacy Cornay is the owner of Communication Concepts Public Relations & Advertising. 
Visit www.comm-concepts.com or call 303-651-6612.